Date  - 10.28.10

Time  -5:30pm

Purpose 2010 Annual Planning Meeting

Attendees:  Mark Haywood (President);   Gary Reineke (Treasurer); 

Brian Loftus (Secretary)

                 Meeting called to order-
1st Motion

Gary:  First motion to raise 2011 Association Dues to $208

Mark second this motion.

All were in favor to this motion.

Which residents will be absent for our Annual  Meeting and need a proxy?

Kleineman- maybe- should be back in town by Nov 12th. Will confirm.

Norb Koch Watson

2nd Motion

Gary moved to approve the 2011 budget, Mark second this motion.

All were in favor of this motion.  Motion passes.


Brief discussion regarding audit.  The Board recommends that it become an internal audit.

This audit recommendation  will be brought before the Association at the November 23rd meeting.

Requsting that two (2) volunteers from the Association perform internal audit.

Review of old business- nothing to discuss.

Xmas Party- who would like to host?

Suggestions:   Kunze first, Kloiber second, Aschenbach third

Meeting adjourned- 6:33pm

Respectfully submitted,   Brian Loftus MADWA Secretary