Shingle Meeting Minutes April 7, 2008 at Gary Reinecke’s Home

Attendees were Ralph Kloiber, Gary Reinecke, Cindy Pedersen and Greg Chismar

A luncheon meeting was held to discuss the color of shingles and status of this project.

GAF AND ELK merged last year. The Weathered Wood shingles installed on the two houses to date are not a good match to the original shingles. They have a green tint and a high definition look (checker board effect).

GAF made the Natural Shadow and ELK made the high definition shingles.

Samples of three different shingles that were deemed close matches to the existing shingles were installed on the Zachau roof over the old shingles which are adjacent to the Weathered Wood shingles.

Representatives from eight (8) Lehman lane households looked at the samples. The Barkwood Natural Shadow shingle was deemed to be the best choice for our roofs. This is the shingle we decided to have installed on our homes.

This means that the Weathered Wood shingles on the Chmieleski and Zachau roofs need to be torn off and replaced with Barkwood Natural Shadow shingles before we continue on with the rest of the homes.

Greg Chismar will work through A.H. Bennett and his GAF representative to have them provide replacement shingles at no charge.

Greg gave us an estimate of $7,500 per house to replace the shingles.

Ralph asked Greg to see if he could get GAF to cover the labor costs for reworking these two roofs.

After the meeting Cindy came to my house with the option to install chiminy vents that match the new shingles instead of the galvanized vents. I am in favor of doing this.

I do not know enough about the quote to evaluate if Greg’s $7,500 is an at his cost quote or not.

Gary Reinecke