MADWA Board Meeting Minutes (corrections as of May 9th, 2008) May 6, 2008 at Ralph Kloiber’s Home

Attendees were Dick Merrill, Ralph Kloiber, Gary Reinecke and Cindy Pedersen. Al Holland attended for the insurance discussions. Orv Bratland attended for the insurance and shingle discussions.

The meeting was called to order at 6:10pm.

1. Insurance coverage presentation by State Farm agent Al Holland.

Property Damage Coverage

Motion made and approved to allow Al Holland to send a letter explaining our State Farm master policy and the importance of the members to have the proper coverage with their personal HO6 policy to cover the master policy deductible and any other items not covered under the master policy.

Motion made and approved to select the renewal with a $10,000 deductible per occurrence from the renewal date of June 16, 2008 to June 16, 2009.

We discussed how to get resolution concerning the 3 partial roof replacements. The State Farm claims adjuster is now in the area and he needs to go back up on those roofs with Greg Chismar to re-inspect.

2. Discussions concerning the rework of the first two roofs.

Motion made and approved to offer Greg Chismar $5,000 from our reserves as our part of the re-work costs to the first two houses and to contract with Chismar to finish the three (3) roofs with partial damage not to exceed $22,000. Greg’s acceptance of this offer must be in writing and reviewed and approved by the MADWA board.

  1. Minutes from the January 22, 2008, April 7, 2008 and April 18, 2008 were approved and Cindy will get them posted to the website.
    1. Moisture testing is the responsibility of the home owner. Dick presented the following list of people that are available to do moisture testing.
      • Mark Soderlund P.E. Advanced Consulting and Inspection. 952-435-1068
      • Suburban Home Inspections. 651-276-9918
      • Howard Noziska P.E. 952-854-4511
      • Inspection Services. Jon Anderson 763-350-3516
  2. Dick expressed some concern about moisture around our windows.

Motion made and approved to spend $132 for an Anderson Window tech to come out and look at our window installation.

6. Treasurer’s report and discussions:

Motion made and approved to deposit interest earned on insurance claims proceeds as a direct contribution to reserves.

Motion made and approved to accept treasurer’s reports for March and April.

7. Tree trimming and landscape changes

Motion made and passed to hire Arbor Craft to do tree trimming at a not to exceed cost of $1,700 during the winter pruning months.

  1. The final decision on proceeding with caulking of all homes is delayed pending the Anderson Window tech inspection.
    1. Future Board Meetings:
      • May 27th at Gary’s home
      • July 28th at Dick’s home
      • September 22nd at Ralph’s home
      • November 24th is the Annual meeting

Respectfully submitted by Gary Reinecke