MADWA Board Meeting Minutes (as amended 8/12/08) August 11, 2008 at Dick Merrill’s Home

Attendees were Dick Merrill, Ralph Kloiber, and Gary Reinecke The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

    1. Dick and Ralph will talk to Greg Chismar concerning:

    1. Board to meet with Gary Gorham concerning the following:

  1. Discussed paint peeling and cracking around some garage and front doors. This painting was done by Smith Brothers in 2006. Evaluation of what needs repainting is scheduled for 2009.

    1. Action items for Cedar management include:

  2. Request by Ron Watson to install a railing around his lower patio that matches the deck railing was denied.

  3. Reviewed the moisture inspection report prepared for Jim Zachau. The inspection was done by Inspection Services and Consulting LLC. There phone number is 763.444.7348. The mobile number is 763-350-3516. The inspection and report cost around $500. They used both infra-red and pin probes to check for moisture. The web site is

    1. Treasurer’s Report:

      1. o We received $ 21,117.01 insurance proceeds to cover completion of the roofs at 2355, 2373 and 2361.

      2. o Interest on insurance proceeds to date is $10,386.

      3. o Ralph will move $11,147 from reserves to checking to pay for the caulking that has been completed.

      4. o Reviewed and approved June and July financial statements. We are on budget.

8. Minutes from the last meeting and the secretary’s report were approved.

The next Board Meeting is September 22nd at Ralph’s home at 6:30pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted by Gary Reinecke