DeaconÕs Walk Home Owners Association

Master and Sub Association Meeting

December 11, 2008



Dale Jensen, President of the DeaconÕs Walk HOA called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.  In attendance were the following board members representing their Association:


Gary Reinecke Š Masters at DeaconÕs Walk

Darrell Carlberg Š Legacy

John Hanson Š Legacy

Maggie Tatton Š DeaconÕs Walk HOA

Jerry Seeman Š DeaconÕs Walk HOA

Dorothy Rust Š Heritage

Sharon Baker Š Heritage

Jim Alexander Š Legacy

Larry Trapp Š DeaconÕs Walk HOA

Thomas Cummings Š Legacy

Gene Klaphake Š Legacy


Also in attendance was Melinda Johnson, Senior Community Manager, Community Development, Inc; representing DeaconÕs Walk HOA.


Dale explained that the objective of the meeting is to discuss any issues or concerns as they relate to the DeaconÕs Walk neighborhood as well as collaborative efforts on shared concerns and goals.


Agenda Items:


2.       Updates on Master Association business.  Dale and Melinda discussed the recent formalization of Pond Ice Skating rules. Those in attendance agreed that the neighborhood and associations as a whole must support the efforts in enforcement.  The Heritage Association has installed signs stating no ice-skating per the suggestion from their Insurance Agent.


3.       Annual Garage Sale.  Those in attendance agreed that the annual date works well to help limit the number of sales.


4.       Monument Maintenance. Dale informed the sub association board members that if they wish they may cover the cost and maintenance of additional plantings at the monuments located in their neighborhoods.


5.       Pond Edge Maintenance.  Dale discussed the necessity for those associations that share a pond edge to continue to spray for thistles on an annual basis.  Dale also shared the Coon Creek requirements for a 12-foot buffer that should include deep-rooted vegetation.

6.       Airport Expansion.  Dale asked for discussion related to the possible expansion to the runway at the Blaine airport. Darrell Carlberg shared information.  Currently there is no additional information.  The web site will be utilized if necessary for updates.


7.       New Business.


a.       Muskrat control.  The DeaconÕs Walk HOA will research an annual program to help eradicate muskrats.  Several of the Associations have hired animal control companies to trap.  They will also inquire with the TPC. 

b.       Street Signs.  Darrell Carlberg expressed a concern regarding the lack of visibility of the street sign markers.  The HOA will inquire with the city and with Imperial Signs on whether they is a product that could be applied to the current or future signs to help with illumination.


The meeting ended at 7 pm.


Minutes submitted by:

Melinda Johnson, Senior Community Manager

Community Development, Inc.