MADWA Board of Directors Meeting 8/16/11 5pm, at Reinecke’s In attendance: President Mark Haywood; Treasurer Gary Reinecke; Secretary Brian

Loftus; Dick Merrill; Adam Notch

• Adam said that he will provide MADWA with Conditional Lien Wavers from Condor Stone and the painter.

Motion #1

Mark Haywood made a motion to pre-order common windows prior to Sundance examination.

By having windows readily available, the Association will save approx. $1,000 per home in window

reinstallation fees. Also, this will minimize any lapses in efficiency, and will keeps remediation’s

running on schedule. Gary Reinecke seconded this motion. Motion passes.

• On August 9th a vote was held to determine paint color for our homes. (25)Twenty-five individual homeowners were present to vote. (3) Three options were available. Blair’s home color was the clear winner with (16) residents voting for this color combination.

Motion #2

Mark Haywood made a motion to approve the color choice. Motion was seconded by Brian Loftus.

Motion passes.

• Special Assessment meeting is required. Tuesday, Aug. 30th at Blaine City Hall. Time TBD

Gary will check Cloverleaf room availability. Cedar Management will send out announcement to MADWA residents.

• Annual MADWA Association meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1st, at Blaine City Hall, Cloverleaf Room. Time TBD

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm. Respectfully Submitted, Brian Loftus-MADWA Secretary