Call to Order
Determination of Quorum
Review of 2010 Minutes
Board of Directors Reports
Nomination of candidates and Board of Directors election
Old Business
New Business
Meeting Adjourned

Meeting began at 7pm 7 Proxys
23 Homeowners in attendance

Quorum has been established
Reading of 2010 Minutes were waived

Board of Directors reports
Treasurer Gary Reinecke
Gary begins explaining the 2010-2011 Operating Budget- with detailed explanation of specific items
Sprinkler Heads that are damaged, will get fixed in the Spring 2012.

Mark asks for nominations- for a 3-year Board Member
Ralph Kloiber nominates Dick Merrill to the board as 3-year
Nomination was seconded by Jerry Jackson
Orv Bratland makes an acclimation to Vote Dick Merrill to the Board. Motion is seconded, and motion passes.
Dick Merrill is on the Board of Directors beginning 11/2/11.

Old Business
Margaret Zachau- brings up her 2010 question- what form comes from the Association
that goes to a prospective buyer- that shows our reserve fund process.
Jim Zachau said we need a reserve disclosure.
Mark Haywood says via Paul O'Brien - made a reserve analysis.
Jim will provide board the statute that details the questions being requested- with full disclosure.

Orv said that when he was Treasurer, he provided (3) different- recaps for residents that sold their homes. Complete analysis and what
monies were put into reserves- those notes went to the Real Estate agent.

Joe Leon asks is it reasonable to create a document that identifies procedure and policies that are required
in the sale of a property in the association, even before an agent is hired?
Erin said that it is not our place to tell you how to sell your home, it is public information- we don't provide that information.
Joe says why can't we make this apart of documentation.
Arlene says the information is different for each homeowner, and there isn't a blanket checklist for everyone.
Erin said that she can provide information including a disclosure packet.
515-B Statue- MN Statute for re-sale of property (Margaret Zachau).
We can do a reserve study.

Mark Haywood asks what new business is out there to discuss?
Gary brings up the meeting with Adam on Monday. We are trying to hold onto
Josh, Justin and Randy- for any remodeling work inside or outside the home
Email Gary with your work requests.
Jerry McNevin asks how long can they continue painting?
They can continue painting as long as the temp is above freezing. Sundance has acquired another painter
to speed up the process.

Jane O'brien states that she has had a problem with obtaining inside work estimates.
Jane asked if we are getting the additional gutters done this year, November and December.
Mark- reads from Adam's email that adds detailed time-frame on when outstanding items
are getting completed.

Association is paying for short side, bedroom and long side gutters.
Homeowner will be responsible for all other gutters.

Patty McNevin says that two driveway sections were cracked by landscaper.
Gary is working with Adam to get the estimate on that damage.

Gary said that Adam needs to come more often. He walks the project.
Yesterday Adam met with Gary and Mark.

Possibly a September 2012 block party to celebrate our new homes!

Move to adjourn, move was seconded.

Meeting ended 7:52pm

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Loftus
MADWA Secretary