The following is a multi part message sent to you from the MADWA Board via Fred.

Part 1--Oct 3rd MADWA Board mtg minutes

Part 2--Notice of 2012 Annual Meeting

Part 3--Proposed Resolution

Part 1 (Minutes)

Minutes section of Oct 4 meeting

Part 2: Annual Meeting Notice

2012 Annual Meeting Notice

Part 3: Annual Meeting Proposed Resolution
Proposed Resolution for a Special Assessment for The Masters at Deacon’s Walk Association

Whereas the Board of Directors of Masters at Deacon’s Walk Association recognizes that landscaping in the fronts of the homes and garages governed by the Association were destroyed, damaged and, in some cases, removed during the replacement of the exteriors of the homes; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors determined that it is in the best interest of the Association to find a suitable professional landscape contractor to properly select and replace all of the landscaping in the front of the home and garage; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors appointed a committee consisting of Jan Kunze, Eva Jeppson and Jerry & Gretchen Jackson to contact and interview landscape companies and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors; and
Whereas, the Bachman’s Landscape Design Studio was recommended to the Board of Directors as having the best selection and design with the flexibility to allow Owners a choice of shrubs and plants within recommendations of Bachman’s to replace the shrubs and plants. Bachman’s recommendation takes into account the amount of sun & shade exposure available to each home in selection of plants; and

Whereas, the cost to replace the landscaping is estimated to be an amount not to exceed $80,000; and

Whereas, funds available from the Association’s funds for capital improvements is projected to be $23,000 by May 31, 2013.

Whereas, the Board of Directors deems it to be the best interest of the Association to proceed with the replacement of the said shrubs and plants and, therefore, seeks approval of the Association Members to levy a special assessment of $1,900 per unit in order to provide the balance of the funds needed to pay for necessary landscaping.

Now, therefore, after due consideration by the Members of the Association, by vote of the Owners representing sixty seven percent (67%) of the Lots who are voting on the matter, whether such vote is cast in person or by proxy, it is:

RESOLVED that a special assessment be levied against each unit governed by the Association in the amount of $1,900.00, payable as the Board of Directors reasonably determines.