AUGUST 30, 2005


Roll Call - 23 families were represented, with 2 signed proxies


Minutes of 8/19/04 were shown and approved without changes


PresidentŐs Annual Report:

Eva gave an overview of projects and activities of the past year. Our Lawn/snow removal is now being done by Concierge, which gave us a lower bid than the company we used last year. The pond was rocked on all four sides with help from DeaconŐs Walk HomeownersŐ Association and residents.  A Maintenace Committe was formed to keep tab on tree and shrub replacement.  Our Treasurer, Orv Bratland, set up a new savings account for dedicated reserve funds. He also established a fully automated dues transfer system. Ongoing projects are driveway and stucco problems. We have 4 new families in our neighborhood. Our annual picnic was enjoyed by all again, as well as our annual Christmas party.


TreasurerŐs Report:

Orv presented the Proposed Expense Budget for Ô05 (final) and 2006. He explained our Insurance Coverage and costs. He reported the status of our CD and Savings Account at Village Bank. He explained why there is a need for a dues increase effective in October from $160 to $175 per month. Thevote on the Budget was approved with no questions or concerns.



We thank Jerry McNevin who is stepping down and being replaced by Bill Aschenbach on the Maintenance Committee. They will meet  to do their walk-arounds to see what needs to be done with further stucco repair as well as concrete repairs.


Stucco repairs have been done by Bill Zimmerman with a recommendation that the formula be obtained for our own use in the future.


Shrubs has been trimmed by Concierge with another pruning/trimming of shrubs and trees being scheduled for this fall.


Driveways were discussed further. Joe Leon recommended sealing them on a regular basis to avoid greater cost later. Orv Bratland will get an opinion from Cemstone. Arlene Williams mentioned the possibility of mudjacking sinking driveways.



Jerry McNevin has given 5 years of devoted service in doing most of our irrigation system repairs. An appeal was put forth for someone to take over this job, or weŐll have to hire the work to be done.


New Business:

Eva Jeppson made a suggestion to get our ŇyearsÓ in sync-either by changing our Budget to run from August to August, or having our Annual Meeting and terms of office run January to January. Also a suggestion to appoing or recruit a MastersŐ resident to a ByŐLaws Committee to develop guidelines and rules for maintaining our Association in a pleasing, consistent manner.


Dick Merrill volunteered to look at guidelines and rules from other Townhome Associations for use in establishing our own for our MasterŐs Association,


New Board Member:

Karen Sturm volunteered to fill the one new vacancy on the Board. She was unanimously voted in. We thank her and especially thank Eva Jeppson for her fine work during the past 2 years.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Jan Kunze