AUGUST 27, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.  The Minutes of the Special Board Meeting on July 23, 2007 and the Minutes dated June 25, 2007 were approved as written. 

Pet Issues.

A neighbor requested a meeting with the Board to express his consternation with the lack of owner’s control over pets that are not on a leash or under owner’s control and pet feces not cleaned up, which are contrary to the Association Bylaws and Regulations.  The Board agreed to meet with the offender to see if a resolution can be reached.

Treasurer’s Report.

Karen Sturm reviewed the financial condition of the Association through August, 2007.  The total operating expense for the calendar year stands at $41,385.00 and the year-to-date deposit to the reserve account totals $15,500.00.  The Board reviewed the projected income and expenses for the remainder of the year and it appeared that the Association will meet its operating budget.

Sprinkler System.

Best Outdoor Services has been contracted to do the fall winterization and the spring start up of our sprinkler system at a cost of $65.00 per hour.  The estimated winterization cost is $850.00. 

Best Irrigation also recommended that we replace our controllers for the sprinkler system as the old ones are unreliable.  A motion was approved to purchase a new Hunter brand controller that can be operated remotely at a cost of $650.00.

The Board received a request by Gary Reinecke to plant an additional ash tree or similar tree in his back yard at his own expense.  He will consult with adjoining property owners on exact location.  The request was approved.

The Board received a preliminary report from State Farm Insurance on the damage to the residences as a result of the hail storm.  The Board will meet with the adjuster in approximately two weeks to review the full report.  It was noted that not all roofs were damaged to the extent requiring replacement.  At this time, however, they will be re-examined next spring to make a final determination.  There may be further evidence of damage following the winter when the asphalt shingles expand and contract and makes any damage more evident.  Additional claims can be filed for two years.

The Board reviewed the Management Company Committee’s report.  The Committee interviewed prospective management company firms following selection criteria and recommended that Cedar Management Company be hired effective on the date a contract agreement is reached.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Dick Merrill.