Masters at DeaconŐs Walk Association


Meeting Minutes


February 19,2007


The meeting was held at Karen SturmŐs home and called to order at 2:15 PM


            Attending:  Orv Bratland and Karen Sturm

            Absent:  Dick Merrill  (joined part of meeting by phone.)


The minutes from January 8th  meeting were reviewed and approved.


Financials through Feb 19th were reviewed.  Transfers to reserve account are up to date.  Only bill paid in January was to Concierge for $1619.


Reviewed 2007-2008 Lawn and Snow Removal bids from Concierge and Best Outdoor Services.  Prices from both are close (within $2000) for the year.  Best has hired an arborist which could be beneficial to us in getting control over our shrubs and trees, especially in shaping them and keeping growth controlled.  Concierge has not been helpful in this area.  The services offered by each is essentially the same in all other areas.


The Board agreed to interview Best on Monday, Feb. 26th at 3 PM at BratlandŐs home.

Depending upon results, Concierge may also be interviewed again.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 PM.


Submitted by Orv Bratland