Minutes of Board Meeting

MDW HomeownerÕs Association

Held at Karen SturmÕs home

January 25, 2006


1. The meeting was called to order by President Orv Bratland.


2. The minutes of October 13, 2005 were approved as written.


3.  TreasurerÕs Report:

            Karen Sturm gave the TreasurerÕs Report showing all dues are paid and she is

            completing the 2005 report.


4. Insurance:

            Al Holland gave us an overview of our Masters Insurance policy. He reminded us that our

Association policy on our homes covers everything that is nailed, glued and screwed down inside our homes as well as the exterior structure. If anyone has any questions about the coverages on our policy, Mr. Holland encourages giving him a call at 763 755-8680, FAX # 763 755-8769.


5.  Lawn and Snow Contract Solicitation:

            Orv will talk with Concierge, with whom we have our current contract for lawn and snow               care service about next year.


6.  Maintenance Plan and Need for Development:

            It was noted that we have areas around our homes which will need attention soon,

            such as painting around doors and decks. Orv will call a meeting of the existing

            Maintenance Committee to prioritize the list of things that need to be done.


7.  Proposed Rules and Regulations:

            Dick Merrill was asked at the last Annual Meeting to work with a committee to

            possibly establish Rules and Regulations for our sub-association. He submitted a

            plan with some thoughts typically used by sub-associations for the Board to

            review. The Board will review the plan and look for conflicts and/or omissions and

            then meet with Dick in April.


8.  Web Site:

            A Web Site is being developed for our Masters Association by Orv and Fred

            Kunze. It is a work in progress and will be available to us in the Spring.


9.  Concrete Update:

            The Board continues to communicate with Gary Gorham concerning the conditions

            that may have caused and still affect the 4 driveways with the most significant

            crack issues. Those 4 are the following addresses:

                        2313 Lehman Lane

                        2325 Lehman Lane

                        2355 Lehman Lane

                        2381 Lehman Lane

            Arranging a meeting among Gorham, Sienna Corp., Braun Intertec and the Masters

            Association is ongoing with a target date of sometime in May when Gorham returns

            from his winter home. The agenda of such a meeting is to discuss the possibility of

            soil conditions being the primary cause of the instability, how to confirm that and what

            actions can be taken to correct the condition.


            Other concrete issues involving patios step platforms will need to be dealt with

            separately with the Association needing to get these corrected during the summer                             2006.  


10. Resturcture Proposal:


            Existing Bylaws Provisions:

                        1. The Board of Directors has the right to set a different date for the Annual

                        Meeting other than on the anniversary of the first meeting. (Art.II, sec.2)

                        2. The Board of Directors shall be composed ot three members (Art. III,


                        3. All three directors shall be elected for 2 year terms. (Art.III,sec.2)

                        4. Section 3, dictates the length of term for each of the three directors if all are

                        elected at one time. (Art.III, sec 3)

                        5. The bylaws may be amended to the same extent and in the same manner as the                             declaration, that is:  requires the assent of 67% of the votes of

                        the membership (20 members)



                        1. Change Board terms to three years as follows:

                                    a. At the next Annual Meeting elect one new director and extend                                                       the term of one current director for a third year. This is to apply to one of                                           the two directors whose term would otherwise expire at the Annual Meeting.

                                    b. Change the timing of the Annual Meeting to the 4th Thursday                                                       of January in each year at a time and place to be announced.

                                    c. Modify all affected provisions of the Declaration and By Laws                                                      to reflect these changes.


Our next meeting is scheduled for the second week in April.


Respectfully submitted by Jan Kunze