MADWA Annual Meeting

November 30, 2006

Held at TPC


The meeting was called to order by President Orv Bratland and he presented the PresidentÕs Annual Report:


Projects dealt with in 2006 include:


Accomplishments by the Board this past year include:


Plans for the 2007 year include:


Insurance coverage and Reserve Funds were presented

A letter from resident Norb Koch was discussed and the

consensus was that we need to establish a fund for replacements of roofs, major painting, and stucco repair. A motion was made that such a fund be established with the goal to be able to cover expenses of this kind and to revisit the issue regularly. Jim Anderson made the motion to accept reserve plans as outlined in option 3 and revisit them on a regular basis. The motion was seconded by Wally Russell and Mike Chmieleski. The motion was passed by a hand vote of 13 families for option C and 2 families for option A.


TreasurerÕs report:

            Karen Sturm presented the 2006 budget and expenses for the proposed 2007 budget. The question of driveway sealing was made from the audience; Orv Bratland stated that it was not in the plan. A discussion was held as to responsibility and worth of sealing our driveways. A motion was made by Jim Anderson to accept 2007 budget and was seconded by Bob Sturm.


Election of Board Members:

There are 2 open seats, one for a 1-year term and one for a 3-year term. The floor was open for nominations. Dick Merrill volunteered for the 3-year term and Orv Bratland agreed to stay on an additional year to fill the 1-year term. The motion was made and accepted.



The lawn and snow service contract with Concierge was discussed. Orv asked for input from residents and it was decided to renew the contract with Concierge, but to also look at other bids from other lawn and snow services.


A reminder was given about the Christmas Party at the Bratland home on Friday, December 8 at 7 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned.