Maintenance Committee Meeting



Attending:  Fred, Mark, Bob, Bill and Orv


Driveway Update:  Orv reported on progress in getting attention to the suspicious soil conditions under our driveways.  Hopefully a meeting will take place this spring with all the major players in the Deacon’s Walk development.


Priority Projects for 2006.  The committee agreed on the following priorities for 2006:


  1. Patio Problems.  Both Sturms’ and Gusiks’ concrete patios have heaved and the concrete pads under the steps need replacing as well.  Orv will contact Cemstone engineering for assistance in developing a solution and get a quote for the complete removal and replacement of concrete.


  1. Painting of wood trim and deck trim.  Bob Miller will write up the requirements for what painting needs to be done this year.  Bill Aschenbach will conduct a search for painting contractors contacting both Melinda Johnson and Gorham’s office for recommendations.  Project should be scheduled for June.  Possibly will include deck trim, front doors and front door and garage door trim and any other exposed wood trim.


  1. Driveway cracks and patching.  Other than the few driveways that have extreme problems and have already been replaced at least once, our plan is to patch the cracks with an appropriate cement patch material. We would like to purchase enough containers that each homeowner with cracking problems could use a “patch kit” themselves to repair the damages.  The “committee” will do those driveways for any who are unwilling to participate in a volunteer effort.


  1. Other topics discussed:


    1. Replacing bushes and trees.  None identified at this point
    2. Pavers in driveway.  Lower priority to be dealt with after the three top priorities are resolved.
    3. Foundation rocks.  Deferred until 1 thru 3 are done.
    4. Irrigation system.  Concierge will bid on doing the spring turn on, fall blowout and repair of heads on a per event basis.