Minutes of Board Meeting

MDW HomeownerŐs Association

Held at Orv BratlandŐs home

April 6, 2006



1.    The meeting was called to order and minutes of January 25 meeting

 were approved as written.


2.    TreasurerŐs Report:

Karen Sturm gave the TreasurerŐs Report showing expenses on plan, dues are paid. She has acquired a Safety Deposit box for storage of Association owned CD.  There are no financial issues at this time. 


3.    New Lawn and Snow Contract:

Concierge has been put under contract again, with an increase of 4% for this year. The contract includes irrigation and checking sprinkler heads. Orv Bratland will talk to them about the winter experience as some situations were less than acceptable.


4. Proposed Rules and Regulations:

Dick Merrill has generously worked to create a document, which the Board feels is reasonable for our Association. It is an all-encompassing document, which will be shared with everyone at a special meeting on Monday, May 15 at the TPC, see paragraph # 7.


5. Web Site:

By now, the Board hopes that you all have visited the new web site for our Association. It has lots of helpful and necessary information in it. The address again is:  madwa.org.  Fred Kunze will maintain it currently but would be happy to train someone else to do periodic updates necessary on the calendar etc. The person/persons who agree to do so would need to have a close relationship with the Board for communication purposes.


6. Concrete Update:

Orv Bratland has talked to Gary Gorham, communicated with Sienna corporation about sinking driveway sections, especially 2325 Lehman Lane and will continue to be on top of progress in this area to determine responsibility of sinking pads and what can be done about our problem.


7. MasterŐs Governing Revision Proposal:

As has been mentioned previously in these minutes, the Board would like input into proposed changes to the by-laws in changing the Annual Meeting from August to the beginning of each year in January to correspond to the end of the fiscal year. Also under consideration would be changing the term of Board members from 2 years to 3 years. We will be voting on the proposed changes to the by laws.


A special meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 15 at the TPC to discuss:


a.   Changing the Annual Meeting date

b.   Changing terms of Board members

c.    Reviewing newly created Rules and Regulations for our Association.


We encourage input from all members and hope we will have a good turnout since this will impact all of us.



8. Summer Picnic Hosts:

The Board is looking for volunteers to host our annual picnic in their driveways. Please let a Board member know if you are able to be a host.




Look for a letter in your mailbox about our website, Rules and Regulations document, our meeting on May 15 at the TPC, and information from the Maintenance Committee.


Our next scheduled meeting is May 4 at 3:00 at Jan KunzeŐs house.