Minutes of Board Meeting

MDW Homeowners’ Association

Held at Jan Kunze’s home

October 13, 2005


1.  The minutes of the August 30, 2005 meeting were approved as written.


2.  Treasurer’s Report:


Karen Sturm gave the Treasurer’s Report showing expenses are on plan, the reserve account is up to date and dues are up to date.


3.  Management Practices:


a.     The Board has agreed to put together a set of standard practices to guide us in all aspects of the Board’s responsibilities.


b.   Orv talked with Al Holland,  our State Farm agent  regarding our insurance liability situation and whether we need to take out additional coverage. These are Mr. Holland’s opinions and recommendations.

(1).  Anyone who supplies a service to us for remuneration should be required to provide a “Certificate of Insurance” document for our files. This includes our lawn service, snow remover,  handyman we hire for any reason, electricians,  irrigation services,  etc. If we pay for the service, we need to get a Certificate.

2).  We should ask Conceirge (because they are here regularly) to add us on their policies as “additional insured” which will allow us to get notices from their insurance companies if they fail to pay their premiums and subsequently have no coverage. This allows us the time to take action to ensure there is coverage or they do not set foot on our property. This same action should be taken on any contract we have with someone for regular service.

(3).  Volunteered services by our residents or anyone else does not require us to have coverage for them. They are self-insured when it comes to volunteer services, but we should be sure that our residents understand that we are not providing any coverage for them and expect them to be insured on their own.


 4.  Committee Actions:


The Maintenance Committee has identified problems with the pavers in our driveways. The pavers are sunken in some areas so a solution is needed. The committee will be asked to suggest a form of action.


Zimmerman, who recently did our stucco repairs, will give the formula to Jerry McNevin who has agreed to do additional repairs as needed. Please let a Board member know if you have concerns with the stucco on your home.


Concrete issues are still ongoing,  the Board is pursuing having a concrete analyses firm

Do a study of our situation and make recommendations in all areas where concrete is used,

i.e. driveways, steps, patios. This may include taking core samples to study the compaction

of the subsurfaces.




a.  Our Holiday Party has been  scheduled for December  9, 2005. Do we have any volunteers to host the party this year?

b.  Orv will work on setting up a website for MDW Association to achieve better communication with our members.


6. Next Meeting:  January 12, 2006 at Karen Sturm’s home



Respectfully submitted by Jan Kunze