Memo to: Greg Chismar – Chismar Construction


From:       Gary Reinecke – Treasurer                                  cc: MADWA BOARD


Subject:  MADWA Board meeting December 19, 2008


We discussed your progress on the open items to date and the work yet to be completed.


Completion of the gusset work was noted. We appreciate your checking each and every deck.


The board agreed to back out the screen, overhead garage door panel and window casement work from your contract per the list you supplied on December 12th.

$3,015.35 will be deducted from the balance of $39,427.05 making the new balance due on our contract $36,411.35.


Dick Merrill verified that the painter power washed the deck boards prior to painting. We also appreciated the use of a high quality Sherwin Williams paint. We would like the paint spec used so we can get touch up paint for future use.


Open items include:

  1. There are a few shingles that are “sticking up” – typically at the edge of the roof.
  2. There are still a few gutter extensions that need to be installed.
  3. There are several leaking gutters. In fact, two more homes have reported leaking gutters since we met last week.
  4. We need a written statement of your warranty on the roofing, gutters and painting


During our December 12th meeting we discussed setting up a day between April 15th and mid May 2009 to water test all gutters for leaks. At this time Randy and his people would be there to repair any leaky or faulty gutters and any missing down spout extensions would be installed. Also at this time you would fix any shingle issues. It is important to us that once started; you keep at the task until it is complete.


We would also like your assurance that all work would be completed by June 1st.

If the work is not completed by then we would like you to sign a release allowing us to hire another contractor to complete the above tasks and deduct any payments to said contractor from funds remaining on our contract. If this is agreeable to you we will draft a new agreement for both parties to sign.


The board authorized a release of $25,000 which leaves a balance of $11,411.35 to complete the unfinished tasks listed above.