Greetings to Our Lehman Lane Neighbors,

Attached is the proposal from Roxanne at Christmas Decor to give us a 24% discount on tree lighting.

She said she has mailed revised proposals with the reduced rates to everyone who had lights last year.

The Merrills should give her a call so Roxanne can come out and determine what is to be done and provide an estimate.

I checked with Amy at Cedar Management who checked with our lawn service to be sure that all leaf and lawn work is complete by november 6th. If the leaves do not fall by then Roxanne said we could delay installation with a one day notice.

I am including this message to Fred kunze our web master so he can include it on our web site or broadcast it to the rest of the neighbors just in case someone has always wanted to add lights but has not known who to call.



Below is from Roxanne at Christmas Decor


Thank You for being patient as I try to put this togather.

We are going to give the 8  People that we discussed and any others that may come aboard a total discount of 24%  (which represents an additional 5% on top of there 20% early discount. )   

We want to install all the lights on Lehman Lane the week of Nov. 9th.   

If homeowners want to shut off there lights until later that's fine. just tell them to run the lights the first night, to make sure everything looks ok and than keep the timers plugged in and only pull the plug out.  We will set the timers from 4:30 - whatever the homeowners did last year some are at 11:00pm and some are at 12:00am.

I will send revised proposals to all the homeowners reflecting the additional discount, and all homeowners will pay Best Irrigation/ Christmas Decor after the install is done and they are satisfied.   

If anyone has any questions. please feel free to call me  anytime.  Our Office # is 763-784-8085.     

Thank You again,   Roxanne